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How do we do it?

Most people think that we actually PLANT the corn in the maze design but it is actually much simpler (and more complex) than that. First we decide upon the design and consult surveyor, Trevor Welch, who then designs the maze on his computer. The 5-acre field is prepared and planted with cow corn it is less expensive and taller than sweet corn. Once the corn plants start to sprout, the real work begins. The engineers come in with their “map” of the field (with GPS coordinates) and flag hundreds of spots in the field – kind of like a giant connect the dots. Then the Hunter crew, equipped with a backpack sprayer, goes into the field and sprays the corn which needs to be “erased” to make the paths. It takes several days to get all the spraying done and we are never sure of the results until our photographer flies over the field and takes an aerial photograph.

In order to make visiting the maze safe and fun for everyone, the maze is made up of large paths. The objective is not to find your way out, but rather to find and answer all the trivia questions related to our maze’s theme. In 2004, an observation tower from which maze goers can check things out! A special question is posted on the bridge. New in 2014 is a finger paint activity for children (young and old). Match the colours on your five fingers to the poster at the entrance of the maze and perform the funny action that it says.