Why It's Great To Be Part Of Hunter Brothers Corn Crew

It's the hardest fun job you'll ever have! We are in the business of creating lasting family memories and fun for all ages. Our guests travel hours to get here expecting to have an aMAZEing experience and we are here to help them enjoy their day.

We are looking for fun, energetic employees to help our guests get the most fun out of their visit to the farm. There is a wide variety of different positions throughout the year and most of them involve helping visitors. Sound fun? 

If it doesn't then this job isn't for you. We always get more applicants than we can possibly hire, so if you're not up for smiling and helping people for six to eight hours, we don't need you. Fair enough?

Sound Like A Job For You?

If you finished reading this and thought, "this sounds like the best place ever" you are exactly the kind of person we are looking for!

Think this is just a job for students? We hire people of all ages, from stay at home parents all the way up to retirees. As long as you like to help people and have fun doing it. 

How To Apply

Click the blue application button and fill out our Job Application form.